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Is America Escalating Matters

Following IMRA's lead, I ask you - what's wrong here:

Death of U.S. Minor in SilwadPress StatementJen PsakiDepartment SpokespersonWashington, DCOctober 24, 2014

The United States expresses its deepest condolences to the family of a U.S. citizen minor who was killed by the Israeli Defense Forces during clashes in Silwad on October 24.  Officials from the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem are in contact with the family and are providing all appropriate consular assistance. We call for a speedy and transparent investigation, and will remain closely engaged with the local authorities, who have the lead on this investigation.  We continue to urge all parties to help restore calm and avoid escalating tensions in the wake of the tragic recent incidents in Jerusalem and the West Bank. 


a)  what clashes?  the IDF was not clashing.

b)  the kid 

was throwing a firebomb at civilian vehicular traffic. That's terror.

c)  how can Israel avoid escalating matters if Arabs keep terrorizing Jewish civilians?

At least this one was better

Press Statement
Jen Psaki
Department Spokesperson
Washington, DC
October 22, 2014

The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms today’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem. We express our deepest condolences to the family of the baby, reportedly an American citizen, who was killed in this despicable attack, and extend our prayers for a full recovery to those injured. We urge all sides to maintain calm and avoid escalating tensions in the wake of this incident.

Unfortunately, that is, we cannot prevent terror without 'escalating', in American terms.

New Temple Mount Novel and a New Research Thesis

Alex Kalman has sold his Silicon Valley start-up and is sitting at home in an armchair bored and purposeless. The phone rings. A grandfather he never knew is dying. He rushes to the old man's bedside and finds himself promising to find the Ark of the Covenant, missing for over 2,500 years.  In Israel Alex picks up a partner in his quest -- archeologist Rivka Golan. Within days they are targeted by a sniper, chased through the streets of Jersualem by a bulldozer, interrogated by Israeli intelligence, and trapped in a tunnel under the world’s most sacred site – the Temple Mount.

No.  Not quite from today's news.

A new novel.  Yet another on the Temple Mount after others.  By Keith Raffel.

It is being launched:

This month, the City of Palo Alto Library launches California Reads book discussions... Palo Alto author Keith Raffel's fifth novel, "Temple Mount," tells the tale of a Silicon Valley CEO with not much to do after selling his company, who gets a call from his dying grandfather that sends him on a quest to find the Ark of the Covenant under Jerusalem's Temple Mount. The book will launch on Sunday, Nov. 2, at 5 p.m. at Kepler's when Raffel will be in conversation with Ellen Sussman.

that's not all.

A new archaeological-themed book penned by Rober Cornuke was published, "Temple -  Amazing new discoveries that change everything about the location of Solomon’s Temple", and I have leafed through it (it is over 200 pages long). 

Its remarkable claim, based on a previous work), is that that Solomon’s Temple was never built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, but rather approximately a quarter-mile south in the City of David.  That, of course, does not at all fit with other experts.  But the author chooses to confront tradition and asserts that

what was built on the present Temple Mount was actually Fort Antonia, which housed the Roman garrison. This implies that the historic “Wailing Wall” was never part of Solomon’s Temple, but connected to the fortress.

How that fits in with the recorded topography of the site of the Temple, its gates, the surrounding hills, the found remains, the walls that survived, the cisterns, etc. is beyond me.  His claim theat the area where the Temple existed was "completely and utterly ripped from the earth" is unsustainable.  Jewish sources, like the Rambam's Beit Habechirah - Chapter 5, Halacha 1 - have it:

The entire Temple complex was not built on flat ground, but rather on the incline of Mount [Moriah.] 

and Halacha 5

Thus, the ground [on which] the Temple building [was located] was 22 cubits higher than the ground [on which] the Eastern Gate [was located].

But, opinion is free.

On Water Reaching Jerusalem 2000 Years Ago

From Liat Oz's Final Report on a salvage excavation on a section of the Lower Aqueduct from Solomon's Pools to Jerusalem at the Abu Tor neighborhood:

...From historical sources and archaeological excavations, we know that the Lower Aqueduct was constructed during the Second Temple period; changes and repairs were done to it over the centuries, having been used until the early twentieth century CE.
...Two vertical sections of the aqueduct, c. 20 m apart from south to north (L100, L101; Figs. 2–4), 

were cleaned and documented...In the earliest phase, during the Second Temple period, the aqueduct was a plastered, stone-lined, rock-hewn channel; it had a U-shaped cross-section and was situated at an elevation of c. 739 m asl. In the latest phase, during the Ottoman period, sections of terracotta pipes (diam. 0.26 m) were incorporated inside a cement casing....The property owner recalled that the pit was used as a cesspit until several years ago.

In the section of the Lower Aqueduct that was excavated, at least six phases of use—from the Second Temple period until the Late Ottoman period—were identified. The lime pit was apparently hewn in connection with the aqueduct in one of its later phases

Did someone mention the Jewish presence in Jerusalem, from time immemorial?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Haaretz Incurs An Unpleasant Experience

Please read the headline (which was different than its website):

As we all know

verb \in-ˈkər\
to cause yourself to have or experience (something unpleasant or unwanted)

and this

noun \in-ˈkər-zhən\
a sudden invasion or attack : an act of entering a place or area that is controlled by an enemy :  a hostile entrance into a territory :  raid  :  an entering in or into

[note“The buildings were legally and officially acquired from Arabs, who received full and more-than-appropriate payment by an overseas company... that was established by Jewish investors from Israel and around the world,” Luria said in a statement.]

If I wrote that Ha-Ha-Haaretz was making an incursion into the Jewish sovereign space of Jerusalem would I be incurring the wrath of Charlotte Halle, English-edition editor (with a degree in anthropology) of Haaretz?

Is Haaretz making an incursion into professional journalism?

Will Haaretz incur the wrath of those who champion ethical journalism, a fair media, an objective, unbiased press?


I Love the 'Women of the Wall'

Not the women, as in females.

The orgamization.


Well, for years i've claimed wherever they go, I follow.  They to the Wsetern Wall, I to the Temple Mount.

Whatever they gain, I want.

Whatever they gain, I deserve.

And now:

Women of the Wall sneak in Torah and read from it during bat mitzvah at Western Wall 

Quick, bring me a Sefer Torah and we'll ascend.

And all the WOW sympathizers and backers, liberal as they are, will all support my Temple Mount efforts.

Anat, where art thou?

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Conclusions from the Death of Einas Khalil

You've read this unfortunate story:-

A young Palestinian girl who was struck by an Israeli settler vehicle earlier Sunday has succumbed to her wounds, medics told Ma'an news agency.  Einas Khalil, 5, died after being hit by a car driven by an Israeli settler near the central West Bank town of Sinjil, medical sources at Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah said.  Khalil and another young girl, Nilin Asfour, were walking on the main road near the village when they were hit, and were taken to the hospital in Ramallah where their wounds were described as serious.   Einas passed away hours later.

this element was added (pay no attention to the names

Eye witnesses added that the fled the scene after running over Toleen Omar Asfour and Inas Shawkat Khalil, who were returning from kindergarten.

If you searched, Jewish sites clarified matters:

Police reject village residents’ claim that settler, 29, killed the 5-year-old intentionally; culprit turns himself in at nearby settlement

The driver told police he did not stop after striking the girls because he feared for his life due to the crowd that had gathered around the injured girls, according to Ynet. He stopped in the nearest Jewish community, Ofra, where he reported the accident and turned himself in.  Israel Police said a preliminary investigation showed that the incident was an accident

Let me add:

1.  Highway 60 is the main and only highway between Jerusalem and Shchem and carries heavy traffic.

2.  There is no sidewalk.

3.  The sides of the road are narrow, quite narrow.

4.  The driver said the two girls were alking side-by-side, not in a column.

5.  Who allows two girls, 4-5 years old, out on that road?  Who is primarily responsible for her tragic death?

6.  Indeed, the driver stopped at Ofra and immediately called police and there was no attempt to escape.

And if you read this


...On September 29, an Israeli settler ran over and injured 6-year-old young Palestinian girl Islam Basim al-Amour in al-Dairat area south of Hebron. On August 7, an 8-year old Palestinian girl was also run over by Israeli settlers near Hebron and moderately injured.  A week after that incident, on August 14, a 23-year-old Palestinian man was run over and killed by a settler car in the central West Bank.

In all incidents, witnesses and residents said they believed Israeli settlers deliberately hit Palestinians.

Back in 2013, an Israeli settler ran over a seven-year-old boy with his car as he walked to school in the West Bank town of Abu Dis.

Hate crimes by Israelis against Palestinians, referred to as “price tag” attacks, are common

your quite logical conclusion could be that either certain people should not be walking close to traffic or that better road infrastructure could help reduce pedestrians.

The BBC's Quotation Marks

The BBC love affair with quotation marks to assit hate for Israel:

Jerusalem car 'attack' kills baby at rail station    Police say the driver was a Palestinian from East Jerusalem. He was shot by officers as he tried to run away and later died of his injuries in hospital.  Officials say they are treating it as a "terrorist attack" and that the suspect had previously served time in an Israeli prison "for terrorism".


Is The EU "Jewish Challenged"?

From the EU document on the five 'red lines' Israel needs to back away from:-

Dear EU, if anyone is challenging, the Muslims who attempt to interfere with, prevent, disrupt and otherwise badger the freedom of access and worship of non-Muslims to their holy site are those who are so challenging.

Is the EU "Jewish challenged"?


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

At Amana 's General Assemby

I attended, as a representative of my home community village of Shiloh, the General assembly of Amana

established in 1978 with the primary goal of developing communities in Judea, Samaria, The Golan Heights, The Galilee, The Negev and Gush Katif. This goal includes not only the establishment of communities and their supportive industries and social services but their continued maintenance and development.

Over 80 delegates congregated in Jerusalem to hear reports and to elect a 25-member council which will later select a 7-exeutive directorship.  I missed out getting elected by 3 votes.

A special guest was Minister Naftali Bennett

who outlined his three-point program of Zionist emphasis.

He did say that he would like 1 billion NIS to go for waging a proper public diplomacy campaign alongside developing strategies in internationa law efforts which is part of our actual security difficultues as they tie the hands of the IDF.

Zambish, Ze'ev Chaver, reviewed activities, successes, areas needing greater effort andplans for the future.

He asserted the true figure for Arab residents in Judea and Samaria, outside of the Jerusalem is between 1,650,000 to 1,850,000.  There are 410,000 Jewish residents in that same area which translates into approximately 18% of the total population.



Bennett to Netanyahu: Unfreeze settlement building or we'll destabilize coalition
Habayit Hayehudi warns that unless West Bank housing tenders start moving, it may stay away from no-confidence vote.

Altering the Status Quo

Remember this?

The European Union (EU) is seeking to persuade Israel not to take a series of moves in the occupied West Bank deemed “red lines” by the European body, Israeli daily Haaretz reported, citing an internal EU document.
According to the paper, the European Union believes that crossing any of these "red lines"...might draw further European sanctions against Israel.
...The last [red line] is harming the status-quo at Al-Aqsa Mosque compound as the EU warned that attempts to challenge the status-quo have led to instability and increased tensions in East Jerusalem...The EU underlines that implementing those plans may amount to a serious breach of International Humanitarian Law (IV Geneva Convention),” the document reads.

A friend of mine wondered is an Arab who drove into civilians at a train stop was engaged in altering the status quo.

Temple Mount Letters-to-the-Editor

From the Jerusalem Post's Letters to the Editor section:

Abbas and the Mount 

Sir, – With regard to “Abbas calls on Palestinian activists to prevent ‘settlers’ from entering Temple Mount” (October 19), I am wondering when we are going to set Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas straight by publishing, fact by fact, our entitlement to the Temple Mount.

Our temples stood on that ground before there were Muslims, before there was Muhammad, before they invented Islam, before Christ. The wall is the same wall that was part of our temple grounds and the only thing we have left of it. Nowhere in the Koran does “Jerusalem” appear. In the Torah it appears countless times, in many contexts as the heart and soul of our country.

They have declared Jerusalem the third-holiest place for their faith. For us it is the holiest place.

As far as Abbas’s disgusting accusation that we are bent on desecrating the “Noble Sanctuary,” take note: They use it to play football, to picnic, to sleep. Oh yes, and to pray.

The “special flavor” that Jerusalem has for Muslims is that the loss of it would devastate the Jews.

Certainly, they should have access to their portion of it, as should we. But when will we formalize our position by backing it up with armed forces protecting our right to our most holy place?


Sir, – The time has surely come for Israel to lodge a formal complaint with the UN Security Council about the desecration of the Jewish holy sites on the Temple Mount by Palestinian hooligans – aided and abetted by no less than the president of the PA.


Sir, – Can someone explain to me how on earth then-defense minister Moshe Dayan was allowed to let the Wakf Islamic religious trust take charge of the Temple Mount after the bitter battle for Jerusalem? That was a tragedy, for ever since it has been one, long fight for Jews to even set foot there.

Now we have the disgusting name-calling of our “moderate” partner Mahmoud Abbas trying to incite his willing masses to stop us completely from all the area, including the Western Wall. What is wrong with our government, for goodness sake, take back control of the whole area and stop being so scared of the rioting Arabs? If they behave normally they can visit; if not, bar them just like you do with some of our own hotheads.

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Petah Tikva



Note the language employed:

"The Palestinian leadership will be taking the necessary legal measures, at the international level, regarding the aggression of settlers on the Al-Aqsa mosque," Abbas said in a speech to the Revolutionary Council of his Fatah party.  "We will not allow settlers to attack the mosque," he added, referring to the entire compound, which is the third holiest site in Islam..."They have no right to enter it and desecrate it," he said of the visiting Israeli Jews.

Low-intensity Conflict Security Report #94 October 2014

Low-intensity Conflict Security Report #94 October 2014

These reports are translated and publicized by Yehudit Tayar for Hatzalah Yehudah and Shomron with the clearance and confirmation of the IDF.  Hatzalah Yehudah and Shomron is a voluntary emergency medical organization with over 500 volunteer doctors, paramedics, medics who are on call 24/7 and work along with the IDF, 669 IAF Airborn Rescue, the security officers and personal throughout Yesha and the Jordan Valley, and with MDA.

We, the volunteers of Hatzalah Yehudah and Shomron go out to rescue anyone who needs our emergency medical assistance; including civilians, military and Arabs also those within the PA territories. (with IDF presence) To us a life is precious and we go out at risk leaving home and family or stopping on the road to rescue anyone in need.

This is a partial report of the on-going terror attacks against Israel and IDF and innocent civilians. While the world continues to pressure Israel and boycott products from Yesha the attacks continue daily by those who wish to murder Jews in our Land.  It is imperative to break the silence of these attacks which are both encouraged and condoned by the Palestinian Authority, the UNWRA who teach to hate and murder using the excuse of Israel occupying these areas and willfully ignoring the establishment of the PLO in 1964 before the Six Day War in 1967.

While the Palestinian Authority and their representatives continue to attack Israel for not being willing to make concessions in order to continue the "Peace Talks", the reality is that Israel is the only side that has released murdering terrorists, frozen building, and made far reaching one sided concessions in order to at least try to resolve this. To no good since this is a one sided negotiation and the other side have concluded that they will never accept our existence here in our eternal homeland.

This report is from October 1-22, 2014

Rock attacks:

A rock that penetrated Israeli vehicle


Following fire started by  Arabs a fire broke out near MItspeh Yitzhar

Road 55 resident of Kedumim attacked by rocks near gas station

Emmanuel bus attacked

Between Migdalim and Tapuach Junction- damaging 5 Israeli vehicles

Highway 55 near Kedumim


Near Ma'aleh LEvona bus attacked

By Sen'jal massive rock attacks

North of Ophrah causing damage

Adam Square bus attacked

Highway 443 near Maccabim checkpost

East of Ofra

A-Ram Border Policeman slightly injured taken to Mt. Scopus Hospital

Gush Etzion:

Herodian –Gush Etzion Highway

Near El Arub

Between El Hadar and Efrat junction

Amos Juncion

Sin'jil massive rock attacks injuring 2 IDF soldiers lightly

Kiryat Arba –Hevron:

Daily rock attacks at Erez Square in Hevron

Near mosque in Hevron window of car damaged with father and infant near Kiryat Arba

Near the Cave of the Patriarchs near Erez Junction –Security Officer called out to incident

Halhul Bridge on Cross Judea Highway

In the Kasba- Market of Hevron towards Bet Romano

Rock attack from moving vehicle at Israeli vehicle near Bet Anun north of Kiryat Arba- by miracle no injuries but damage to the windshield

Daily groups of anarchists and Arabs attack IDF soldiers with rocks inside of the Jewish Quarter of Hevron on 2.10 some were arrested

Southern Hevron Hills:

Aduraim Road near Neguhot

El Fuar causing damage to cars


The Joz Valley Junction rocks thwon at buses causing damage

Bet Hanina rocks throw nat cars causing damage to the body of the car

Rock attacks on Border police at Shoafat crossing

Mt. Scopus- Bus attacked shattering the windshield inuring one of the passengers

Armon Hanatziv , Paat Junction and Har Homa

Bet Hanina -damaging the body of the car

Shoafat -Border Police attacked

Near Joz Valley -causing damage

Near A-Tur -Jewish family attacked in their car smashing the window and 2 of the injured were taken with mild injuries to Sh'are Zedek Hospital

Fire Bombs:


Fire bombs and fireworks at Bet Ovadia in Silwan.  Police responded

Fire Bombs and rocks on the Temple Mt. shattering the window of the police on the Mt. from the Mosque


Bet El: 2 Arabs broke into the community and threw 2 fire bombs into a yard causing a fire and damage to a window.  They escaped

Sin'jil –

Again a t Sin'jil following a n investigation by the IDF marbles soaked in cloth and dipped in fluid that would burst into flames when hitting cars and buses

Haramia Valley


Gilad Road

Near Yitzhar Junction

Rachelim junction: civilian spotted a suspicious item called the Border Police Bomb Squad

Near Yitzhar Junction

Shomron: Police /Border Police spokesman: 2-10

Suspected terror attack at Tapuach Junction – 2 young Arabs, residents of Shechem in their twenties were suspicious and the Border Police checked them finding on their person 3 explosive devices, an improvised gun, and a number of knives.  They were arrested – transferred to the Intelligence Forces.  The alertness of the security forces prevented a terror attack. This is not the first incident in the last year, there have been several attempts at Tapuach Junction.

Gush Etzion:


North of Hevron at Halhul bypass – 3 Aab terrorists threw fire bombs on buses and cars a the Halhul bypass north of Hevron

The damage to the Israeli families' car

Some of the weapons found on the 3 Arab terrorists at Tapuach Junction

Sunday 19.10.14 3 suspected terrorists from Bet Hanina in the Greater Jerusalem region , Achmed Abu Chadid, 19.5,Kosi Abu Chadid about 18.5, and a 17 year old minor were  charged after they were caught "red handed " on 12.10.14 by a special force of the Border Police of Jerusalem with the aid of technology while they were throwing rocks from behind a building at the light rail train and causing damage to it. The three were arrested in an undercover operation that was carried out that day and the charges that were brought against them were causing danger to lives .

From 2.7.14 and up until today over 100 suspects from Bet Hanina and Shoafat were arrested and 60 charges were brought up against them for attacking the light rail train and its' infrastructure.

On 2.7.14 a special force was established in order to deal with the continuous attacks against the light rail train with the full cooperation of the Jerusalem municipality and a Security company carries out many actions to protect the passengers of the train.

Special illumination was placed along the path of the train in the neighborhoods of Bet Hanina and Shoafat.

The Israeli Police in Jerusalem carries out many undercover and open operations including patrols with extra forces of police and Border policemen along the route of the train and police openly board the train while in route on the Shoafat region in order to enhance the security.  On 13.10.14 a policeman while riding the train noticed a young Arab boy about 14 years old who was raising a bottle in order to throw it at the train and was able to stop him before he was able to throw it.

In addition in covert operations many technical methods are used in order to aid he teams and make arrests of those who are attacking the light rail train. Since the establishment of the special operations team on 7.9.14 and up until 21.10.14, 37 incidents were reported of attacks on the light rail train.

There are about 300 trains that travel each day on the Bet Hanina –Shoafat route and the Jerusalem Branch Police long with the Jerusalem municipality and Stipis Company invest much effort and cost to prevent and limit the attacks.

The Jerusalem police views the attacks as very serious and are making great efforts to prevent track down and arrest the terrorists who are attacking and bring them to justice. There will be no compromise to ensure the safety of the passengers.


Quiz: Who "Spake"?

Who spake this?  A "state"!


And try this as well.


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More Zionist Narrative Justification

More confirmation of the historical narrative that, indeed, Jews lived in this land, that it was their land and that the narrative of jewish nationalism is true and genuine:

A Rare 2,000 Year Old Commemorative Inscription 
Dedicated to the Emperor Hadrian was Uncovered in Jerusalem

According to Dr. Rina Avner, excavation director on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority...A rare find of tremendous historical significance was discovered in Jerusalem: a fragment of a stone engraved with an official Latin inscription dedicated to the Roman emperor Hadrian. Researchers believe this is among the most important Latin inscriptions ever discovered in Jerusalem...north of Damascus Gate...

Upon finding the inscription it was immediately clear to the excavators that they had uncovered an especially significant discovery, as indicated by the size and clarity of the letters.

The inscriptions, consisting of six lines of Latin text engraved on hard limestone...[are] as follows: 

(1st hand)To the Imperator Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus, son of the deified Traianus Parthicus, grandson of the deified Nerva, high priest, invested with tribunician power for the 14th time, consul for the third time, father of the country (dedicated by) the 10th legion Fretensis (2nd hand) Antoniniana.

According to Ecker and Cotton, “This inscription was dedicated by Legio X Fretensis to the emperor Hadrian in the year 129/130 CE.” Their analysis shows that the fragment of the inscription revealed by the IAA archaeologists is none other than the right half of a complete inscription, the other part of which was discovered nearby in the late nineteenth century and was published by the pre-eminent French archaeologist Charles Clermont-Ganneau. That stone is currently on display in the courtyard of Studium Biblicum Franciscanum.


Arias at the Opera

At the NY Metropolitan we had glorification/justification of terrorism, anti-Semitism, historical narrative corruption, etc.

In Paris:

Paris Opera cast refuse to perform for veiled woman
A woman wearing a full-face veil is told to leave a performance of La Traviata at the Opéra Bastille after the production refuse to go on stage

Is there a subliminal message in here? 


The Claim of 'Doubling'


[United Nations Human Rights Committee] Panel member Cornelis Flinterman, recalling that it had called on Israel in 2010 to halt construction of settlements, said that it had information that the number of settlements had doubled since.

Doubling within two years?!


There was this:

Number of Jewish Silwan residents doubles in overnight missionDozens of settlers move into two buildings in the predominantly Arab neighborhood of East Jerusalem.

but be careful about the numbers 9and it is of residents)

one of the homes can accommodate four families while the second can house five families.


I caught this

Hitler and his henchmen tried their hardest to keep Eva out of the spotlight, and forbade any picture of her to be published, because they were keen to project the idea that he was “married to Germany”. 

I recalled that description as being applied to another:

An assessment of the personality of Yasser Arafat must take into consideration both his deep religiosity and his fierce nationalism (even if he tended to equate Palestinian nationalism with himself). He often said that he was married to the Palestinian cause, and indeed he had no other bride—at least until he married Suhā al-Ṭawīl, a Sorbonne-educated Palestinian woman of Christian origin, in 1990.

And this

A longtime bachelor who declared himself "married to the revolution," a then 62-year-old Yasser Arafat, stunned Palestinians when he wed his 28-year-old private secretary, Suha, in a secret ceremony in Tunisia in 1991.

The problem with this is that he seemed to be engaged in divorcing the Jewish people from their national homeland.


The Premiere Was A Moving Experience

An interview with the producer/director of Body and Soul which premiered tonight at the Begin Center in Jerusalem, a tremendous film.

The panel, moderated by Melanie Phillips, with the participation of, left to right, Dr. Yoram Hazony, Professor Robert Wistrich and Professor Eugene Kontorovich:

Make sure you see it.

Yes, I speak about the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the heartland of the Hewish national homeland under the Mandate and in the 1948 war when thousands of Jews became refugees from Hebron, Gaza, Nablus, Jerusalem and Gush Etzion and other moshavim and kibbutzim.


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But Can Jews Apply?

More news from America's Jerusalem Consulate:-

Good news for Palestinians seeking exchange opportunities to America! During a recent visit, Assistant Secretary Evan Ryan noted that the number of spots for Palestinian Fulbright scholars will remain unaffected despite anticipated cuts to the exchange budget. Read the details here, and good luck to all future applicants.  Visit our Fulbright program page to learn more about Fulbright exchanges for Palestinians:

But can Jewish/Israeli residents of that same geographic area, the area the Jerusalem Consulate oversees benefit from American financial assistance?



Sunday, October 19, 2014


From a New York Times piece on that Klinghoffer blood opera:-

Mr. Adams and Ms. Goodman have been accused of being insensitive, anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic in a work that gives a voice (often a beautiful one) to terrorists and suggests an explanation (though not an excuse) for their actions in the vexed history of the Palestinian people through centuries.


Even a biased pro-Pal. book can only claim

Palestinians struggled to create themselves as a people from the first revolt of the Arabs in Palestine in 1834


Is This The Correct Way to Hold a Firebomb?


Throwing an incendiary bottle at a car of the Israeli police in Jerusalem quarter of Silwan.